About Us

Mid-Atlantic Crane is a full service provider of overhead cranes and related material handling equipment. We design, manufacture, install and service all of our equipment. Our 40+ year history gives us an advantage in the following areas:

Our engineering team has decades of experience designing creative solutions for a wide variety of material handling needs. The team of applications engineers have over 100 years of collective experience in all industries Our fabricators, machinists and electricians manufacture over 200 cranes per year.

Aftermarket services includes a fleet of service trucks staffed by factory certified technicians who are experts in trouble shooting. Our parts department stocks thousands of line items to provide the fastest turnaround to get and keep your equipment up and running. We install our equipment anywhere in the country.

At Mid-Atlantic Crane, we specialize in demanding applications. Whether you need a CMAA Class “A” Standby Service crane to maintain a turbine in a power plant, to a CMAA Class “E” Severe Service crane in a steel service center, Mid-Atlantic Crane understands customer needs. We also manufacture a complete line of built-up hoists for high duty cycles, extremely long lifts or fast speeds. Regardless of the operating environment, Mid-Atlantic Crane has the experience to provide the correct equipment to last for decades including high heat, outdoors in subzero temperatures, underground applications, exposed to caustic fumes or hazardous environments requiring explosion proof electrical and spark resistant mechanical features.

single-leg-gantry-crane-floor-rolling-one-track mid-atlantic-crane
gantry-crane-manufacturing mid-atlantic-crane

Mission Statement

Mid-Atlantic Crane will provide quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

We will conduct business with honesty, integrity and fairness in order to build relationships with our customers, suppliers and associates.

We will provide an environment and training for our associates that inspire a total commitment to the above principals and pledge to continually improve our processes and products.

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