Top Running

A crane runway is the steel structure on which bridge cranes operate. A top running crane runway consists of (3) components, the columns, the runway beams and the crane rail. An underhung system consists of runway beams that are supported from above by the building.

Columns – In new construction, the crane loads are frequently designed into the building columns. When putting a crane system into a building that was not designed with a crane in mind, new columns are required. These can be totally free standing independent of the building steel, or at lower capacities, the crane columns may be braced back to the building columns. (Analysis by a qualified engineer familiar with local building codes is required to determine whether the building can take the additional loading)

Runway Beams – These beams may just be a single steel beam or they may be reinforced beams to handle the combination of load and support spacing.

Crane Rail – This is a special shape of hardened steel designed for rolling loads very similar to railroad track.

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The runway beams are designed to have the crane ride on both sides of the lower flange. The beams are supported from above either by bolting to building steel of hanging from clamps which attach to the building steel.

Mid-Atlantic Crane is expert in the design and manufacture of runway structures. With a thorough understanding of the applicable codes, in the US and Canada, we can design the most cost effective system even if you have unique requirements or dimensional constraints. A discussion with one of our applications engineers will help you understand what design is the best to meet your needs.

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