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Gantry cranes have similar characteristics as bridge cranes. The basic difference is that while bridge cranes ride on an elevated steel structure, gantry cranes ride on rails at ground level. Gantry cranes are an attractive alternative to bridge cranes in applications with very long runways, particularly outdoors where the cost of installing a long steel structure would be prohibitive. We routinely serve the Eastern US from our Raleigh, NC headquarters, as far north as Pennsylvania and south as Alabama, but we’ll install our cranes nationwide.

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Single Leg Gantry Crane – This is a combination where one side rides on rail on the ground and the other rides on an elevated structure. These are frequently used in applications that may have bridge cranes in the building already, however additional handling is needed in a specific area where waiting on the bridge crane is a productivity issue. The “high side” of the gantry may be supported by the bridge crane structure, but at a lower elevation so as not to interfere with the activities of the bridge crane.

Trackless Gantry Cranes – Both single and double leg gantry cranes can be designed with one side trackless using a poly compound wheel that can ride directly on the floor. This configuration is limited to the lower capacities; typically 10 tons and below.

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