Overhead Material Handling Regulations

OSHA Periodic Inspections – OSHA 1910.179

Complete inspection of the crane shall be performed at intervals. Depending upon activity, severity of service and environment, any deficiencies shall be carefully examined and determination made as to whether they constitute a safety hazard.

Preventive Maintenance Program – OSHA 1910.179 L1

A preventive maintenance program based on the crane manufactures’ recommendations shall be established.

Monthly chain, wire rope & hook inspections – OSHA 1910.179 – J2 (iii & iv)n

(iii) Inspect hooks for deformation or cracks. Visual inspect daily; monthly inspection with a certification record
(iv) Inspect hoist chains, including end connections. Visual inspection daily; monthly inspection with a certification record.

Sling / rigging certification – OSHA 1910.184(e)(3)(i)

(e)(3)(i) Such inspections shall in no event be at intervals greater that once every 12 months

Trained / qualified operators – OSHA 1910.179B(6)

OSHA 1910.179B(6) – Only designated personnel shall be permitted to operate a crane covered by this section.

OSHA 1910.179 Definitions A(35) – Designated means selected or assigned by the employer or employer’s representative as being qualified to perform specific duties.

ASME B30.2-0.2 Definitions -…qualified persons – a person who by possession of a recognized degree or a certificate of professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training and experience, has successfully demonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter and work.

Other regulatory requirements

ASME B30.2a –Overhead and gantry cranes
CMMA-Spec 70 – Top running and gantry cranes
CMAA Spec 74 – Top and under running single girder cranes
ASME HST-4M-1991 – Performance Standards for wire rope hoists
ASME B30.16 – Overhead hoist
ASME B30.17 – Overhead and gantry cranes
ASME B30.9 – Slings
ASME B30.10 – Hooks
ASME B30.11 – Monorail and underhung cranes
ASME B30.18 – Stacker cranes
ASME B30.20 – Below the hook lifting devices
ASME B30.21 – Manually operated hoist
ASME MH27.1 – Specs for underhung cranes
ASME HST-6M – Air wire rope hoists

*State laws and manufacturers may mandate different safety and maintenance standards. For further clarification, please contact your local authority and OEM for complete information.

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