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Mid-Atlantic Crane can manufacture long-lasting equipment for use in extreme temperatures, underground applications, caustic fume exposure, or in hazardous environments requiring explosion proof, electrical, and spark resistant mechanical features.

We specialize in manually controlled, remote controlled, and fully automated overhead cranes including:

  • Bridge Cranes: A lifting device, riding on an elevated structure, which provides movement of material in three axes.
  • Built Up Hoists: Custom designed systems capable of long lifts, faster speeds, high duty cycles or lifting up to 200 tons.
  • Workstation Cranes: For low lifting situations (1-3 tons) these systems are specifically designed to require a very small amount of force to move the load from place to place.
  • Gantry Cranes: An attractive alternative to bridge cranes in applications with very long runways, particularly outdoors.
  • Jib CranesAn inexpensive solution to perform repetitive tasks in a small defined area.
  • Runway Systems: The steel structure on which bridge cranes operate.
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